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A Healthy Working Environment

Let’s face it, we all want to make something that is viral-worthy. Something that can surpass a million views, a good rotten tomatoes review, or a dozen of employee recognition.


In short, we are addicted with the applause rather than the real purpose.


What makes it alarming? It’s endemic in the workplace, it decays each employees’ reason why they are doing what they are doing. That’s why I flipped my script. Gathered various information. And made guideline that broadens the barrier between working to build purpose and working to build popularity.


Everyone need to engage in the story.


“Look, act, and feel the company”. There are a lot of situations wherein connection became a rare commodity in the office. Whether it’s because you’re too intimidated by your senior employee, or your senior employee is too caught up with their position. Yes, a chicken and egg situation.


But the question is how do we engage?


A great example is the situation we have in our office. We don’t have any cubicles or individual offices. The whole team sits, solves problem, and consults ideas together. It’s an ongoing process, we make the environment a safe place to ask question.


“Here’s my idea. How can we make it better?”


It’s a particular question that needs to be strengthened in a place where ideas are flourishing. The success is shared by the team, people who materialized the project. It is not an individual effort. It’s not about “Me” but it’s about “Us”. That’s why the only way to fuel purpose, to connect and look into employee’s core rather than isolate.


There are a lot of tools in order to look into the employees’ core, but one most effective tool is Business Process Management solution.


It helps both the employees and the organization’s leaders in creating resilient connection.


Every organization should connect deeper and by connecting deeper, I mean looking at the employees through the lens of a telescope rather than a microscope.


Witty Manager is one of many pioneering BPM solutions that aim to strengthen connection through effective communication. Every feature of Witty Manager has a purpose and the purpose is to build relationship. The key functions were divided into three, Human Resource Management system, Help Desk system, and Project Management system, which aimed to build a healthy working environment.


The latest update for Witty Manager is their Loan Request. The new feature enables organizations to easily and effectively connect with the people, particularly with their needs or current situation. Every employee has their own stories to tell and what every organizations need to do is listen. Fortunately, we already have a system that makes engagement in the workplace easier.


We do make technologies for the purpose of creating an easier life. We create not to popularize ourselves but to spread the purpose of making it, and make it available to everyone. Just like in the work place, people should work not just for the credits but more importantly to the good impact it brings outside and inside the organization.