Credit Card Integrated

Why do you pay more for just card processing?

Our seamless credit card integration with selected partners with PCI compliance certified, makes credit card processing safe and easy for the merchant.

Low cost credit and debit card processing in QuickBooks Point of Sale

Utilize the full power of POSBang Point of Sale software and accept all major credit cards and debit cards Get competitive card-swiped rate of as low as1.30% on Visa, MC and Discover credit card payments Automatically track inventory and ring up sales faster with item bar code scanning Save time with bank reconciliation.

Easily identify which Point of Sale card payment transactions were included in the deposits made to your bank account

Personalize customer service with the ability to view customer’s purchase history as you ring up orders Easily create reports to track products, employee sales, and more No need to purchase a terminal Authorize, process and record sales in one step-right in your Point of Sale software. Total the sale and let POSBang Point of Sale do the rest Transactions are simultaneously synchronized with POSBang POS in one step — no double-data entry saves time and reduces errors.

Activate Your Merchant Account

Open your POSBang Point of Sale software From the Store Setting menu, select EDC Setup and click on Merchant & Gift Services Type. Enter your merchant account number to activate your service and you’re ready to begin accepting credit and debit cards Accepting and Processing Cards Is Easy
Either swipe the card or manually key enter the card information and click “Authorize.” Authorization takes just seconds Print receipt and sale is complete.

Activation is Quick Open your POSBang Backoffice software

From the store setting menu, select EDC Setup and click on EDC provider. You will see this dialog box. Enter your merchant account number to start using your service and you’re ready to begin accepting credit and debit cards. For more information about POSBang EDC processing, contact our sales office at 888.988.2264 or email at

Accepting Cards is Easy

When you want to process a credit or debit card, this simple screen is all you need.
Either swipe the card or enter the information by hand and click “Authorize”. Typically, it takes only seconds to get an authorization.

Tip Adjustment POSBang helps users to adjust any gratuity amounts through ’Tip Adjustment’ feature at anytime during the day.

End-of-Day Activities are Automatic

POSBang Point of Sale Merchant Service does your batching and settlement automatically for you as part of the end-of-day process.

Trust POSBang for Easy Processing!

Benefit from fast and reliable processing from Innovative Merchant Solutions plus increase productivity with seamless integration with your Point of Sale software!

Credit Card Integration FAQ

Question: How do I apply for QuickBooks Point of Sale Merchant Service?
Answer: The application takes only about 5-10 minutes. Apply for the Merchant Service

Question: What will I need to apply?
Answer: You must be an owner/principal of the merchant business and at least 18 years of age to complete the application: Please have the following information available:

Merchant Application (Address, Phone Number, Email, Fax, SSN(for owner/Principle), Banking info, TaxID, Estimated Volume)
Void Check

Federal Tax ID (for corporations, LLS’s and Partnerships), or your Social Security numbers (for Sole Proprietors)

Existing card processing information (if applicable) 

Copy of DL (Owner/Princlple)

Seller’s Permit

Copy of Domestic Stock( Corporation)

Question: What credit cards are accepted?

Answer: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Network and JCB can be accepted. Debit cards can also be accepted. To benefit from the lower rate you will need a PIN pad

Question: Can I use my existing merchant account?

Answer: Yes, you can, but you need to have a third party integration software like PCCharge to integrate with POSBang

Question: How quickly are my funds transferred into my account?

Answer: Funds are typically deposited into your bank account within 2~3 business days.

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