Data Dashboard

Management solutions that will get more work in less time

Time Clock

Use our easy to use features that does not compromise security. Log-in/log-out quickly and easily using your personalized PIN code, face verification, or fingerprint scanner.

  • No hassle tracking daily logs
  • Easy clock in and out system
  • Cloud-based solution

Schedule Management

Handle your critical management issues with ease. With our solution, you can easily assign tasks to your employees depending on their skills and schedules.

  • Presetting work schedule of team member
  • Generate report of employees’ timesheet
  • Produce audit trail report

Payroll Management

Payroll officers can easily create payslip, and quickly modify payroll processes. This results to lesser overtime expenses, and costs of payroll errors.

  • Manage and update employees’ payroll
  • Employee can view breakdown of payslip
  • Automated payroll calculations

Human Resource Management

Automate and simplify the entire process of hr management. Let your HR professionals, and top level management make decisions easily and efficiently.

  • View employee evaluation, profile, requests
  • Manage your personal and employees’ information
  • Check timesheet schedule

Upgradable Modules

Coming soon!

Kitchen Display System
Project Management System

Zonkey (Waitlist)
Help Desk System


White Tigon (e-Menu)

Customer Self-Ordering

Your customers may now create order all by themselves. Select the food of your choice and just tap it on the e-menu to finalize the order

Table Management

Manage the status of available tables, and customer’s reservations in real time

Customizable Menu

Create your menu the way you want it to be. You can categorize the menu depending upon your concept, market, and operational strategies

K Mobile

Digitize the entire order taking process to lessen errors, and increases your staff’s work efficiency. Also, the software application is integrated to the POS, and kitchen app


KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Efficient and easy way in handling incoming orders. Instead of traditional way of kitchen inventory management, you can quickly and easily current or old tickets