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How Great Ideas Are Formed?

Clarence Alingasa
Content Writer

Published February 06, 2018

When the first coffee house in England was built, no one ever thought it would bring change in the landscape of human knowledgeThe Grand Café was crucial to the development of the intellectual flowering which was now called as the Age of Enlightenment.

It created a space wherein ideas blend in with each other, and eventually create new ones. 

Fortunately, the space for innovation, creativity, and change is infinite. With the help of technology, connection with other people and organizations has been a lot easier than before. Whether you’re at home, at your office, or even at your kitchen making salad. You can still share ideas and create new forms of it 

Collaboration of ideas is so popular that it became the birthplace of the largest and most powerful companies in the world. Not to spoil you but it is how our world works today. In the article “How Innovative Companies Collaborate”, wrote by Jason P. Davis explains how these little ideas serves the ecosystem of innovation. He explains:

“In reality, that phone in your pocket would not have gotten there were it not for dozens, if not hundreds, of collaborations between the tech giant and its partners around the world.”

 Innovations that can help ease your daily life is what POSBANG’s products are made for. The company is driven with the idea of contributing towards creating and developing new products, services, processes and business solutions.

Such concept is used when POSBANG Corporation decided to partner with Sunmi in developing an advanced yet easy to use POS system. With Sunmi V1’s bill printing feature, Kmobile will be your all in one portable POS device. Kmobile’s fast and easy order-taking process is now improved with high performance and super endurance device. Sunmi V1 has a built-in highspeed printer that enables you to print anytime anywhere in a much easier way.  

Sunmi D1 multi-functional android POS and Sunmi V1 integrated printing mobile handheld equipment.

Sunmi D1 multi-functional android POS and Sunmi V1 integrated printing mobile handheld equipment.


Another advancement is the partner device for White Tigon and KDS which is Sunmi’s D1. Its more flexible installation allows almost every scene through its anti-corrosion because of the tempered glass of captive screen. D1 is more reliable even though under the complex kitchen environment. This can be your reliable partner for every situation you have in your restaurant. 

At the end, all of these innovations are for the soul purpose of technology, to create devices to make life better. And to create these devices, you need to appreciate multiple ideas through different partnership and collaborations.

Let’s not just be the best company we can imagined to be, let’s be the Grand Café of 21st century. 

Be the one who create that space where people get together from different fields of expertise, wherein they can share ideas to build astonishing innovation. 

Content Writer