Krypton Restaurant POS

Automating every bit of operation

Full table management

Expanding the capability

Always up to date

Advanced yet surprisingly easy to use point-of-sale solution
that maximizes work efficiency resulting into
skyrocketing productivity.

Inventory Management

Step up your use of cash register. Our POS system keeps track on your inventory flow and will provide information at a glance.

  • Lessen risk of theft, and pricing
    inconsistencies between locations
  • Calculate the markdowns automatically
  • Tracking the effect of product promotion

Online Reporting

Keep all vital information in one screen rather than having to switch through multiple interface. Detect patterns of sales report through our dashboard's simple graphs and charts.

  • Changes can be easily identified and addressed
  • Conveniently assess or evaluate every
    department's performance gains and gaps
  • Measurable target goals

Various Type of Payment Support

Boost your customers' experience using our POS solution. It can accommodate different payment options at the customer’s convenience that are likely to leave them with a good experience.

  • Can accept multiple payments in one bill
  • Cost effective credit card processing option
  • Easy to use system

Additional Features

We provide dynamic and inclusive POS system based on our client's needs. Here are more features that sets this product from everything else.

  • Fully Integrated Online Ordering
  • Senior Citizen Discount
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Advanced Orders
  • Order At the Table

Upgradable Modules

Do no waste money for a software solution
that provides 80% of the features you will ever
hardly used. Our subscription-based upgradable modules
will enable you to mix and match features
that you truly need.

Kitchen Display System
Kitchen Display System
Zonkey (Waitlist)
Zonkey (Waitlist)

White Tigon (e-Menu)

Customer Self-Ordering

Your customers may now create order all by themselves. Select the food of your choice and just tap it on the e-menu to finalize the order.

Table Management

Manage the status of available tables, and customer’s reservations in real time.

Customizable Menu

Create your menu the way you want it to be. You can categorize the menu depending upon your concept, market, and operational strategies.

Assistance Request

Your customers can easily ask for assistance from the staff by just tapping the call for assistance button.

Delicious Visuals

We use deliciously looking interface for your food and drinks. This makes the menu temptingly perfect for your customer’s cravings.

Promote Creatively

Let your customers watch an ad, visit your social media page, or take short surveys using the tab.

K Mobile

Digitize the entire order taking process to lessen errors, and increases your staff’s work efficiency. Also, the software application is integrated to the POS, and kitchen app.


KDS (Kitchen Display System)

Efficient and easy way in handling incoming orders. Instead of traditional way of kitchen inventory management, you can quickly and easily current or old tickets.

Digital Signage

Exploit the benefits of digital signage solution and give your business an edge against your competitors. It's not just a great way to attract customer' attention but also effective in communicating the message of your restaurant.



Dynamic and Inclusive interface

POS system that you and your crew member can use with ease. It has friendly user interface that everybody can conveniently use particularly on peak hours.

Customizable business operation

Set up your own menu and conveniently and items anytime anywhere. Create groups, categorize it by type, then add price and tax with our Jaglion Back Office.

Web Report

Monitor how your business grow with our real time Jaglion Web Report.