Krypton Retail POS

Friendly, simple, and responsive POS system

Expanding the capability

Always up to date

Streamline your retail process, and prevent errors with our easy to navigate POS system.
for surging sales

Customizable Point of Sale

Managing retail business is much easier than you may think. Whether it is a standalone or a multibranch store, keeping management operations on track is a five finger exercise

  • Handle all types of retail store
  • Provide management options
  • Flexible features

Secured Transaction Process

Add our easy to use merchandising technology and in-store selling application in your list of competitive advantage.

  • Can handle partial payment system
  • Identify the status of service
  • Reach customers' needs easier

Effortless Inventory

Handling and tracking inventory is not a rocket science. Our POS solution keeps you above your stock movement making every process easy and manageable.

  • Streamline stocktaking
  • Complete inventory management tool
  • Makes re-stocking and re-ordering easy

Additional Feature


Information is power, thus our point of sale solution provides comprehensive report for you to have vision on how is your business doing.

Upgradable Modules

Do no waste money for a software solution
that provides 80% of the features you will ever
hardly used. Our subscription-based upgradable modules
will enable you to mix and match features
that you truly need.

Kitchen Display System
HQ Cloud Report, Polling and Backup

HQ Cloud Report, Polling and Backup

Maximize connectivity through the seamless transfer of data. With just few clicks, you can produce reports, and its interpretation without any worries of out of control errors.